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Adhesives and Sealants

Anabond is the leading manufacturers and marketers of Engineering Adhesives and Sealants. Anabond is the First Indian Company to manufacturer  Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealants, RTV Silicone Sealants and Single Component Epoxy Adhesives.

RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanising) Silicones are products that exhibits very little shrinkage as it is 100% solid system.  RTV Silicone Sealants has reasonably good adhesion on metals like mild steel, aluminium and also on painted sheet metals. It also has good adhesion on glass & ceramic. This sealant after curing becomes rubbery and hence exhibits excellent resistance towards ozone, saline water and polar solvents. RTV Silicone Sealants  resists ageing, weathering and thermal cycles without hardening, shrinking or cracking. This sealant finding use in number of industrial sealing, gasketing, potting and insulating applications. There are single component RTV silicone sealants and 2 component silicone sealants depending on the applications.

RTV Silicone Sealants

Anabond Two Component RTV Silicone

Heat Sink Compound

Rubber Based Adhesives
Anabond Rubber Based Adhesives are widely used for bonding, sealing, gasketting and insulation applications.

They have the following features:

  • Available in curing and non-curing systems
  • Bonds wide range of substrates
  • Green strength in short span
  • Good electrical resistance
  • Good weather-ability
  • Non- toxic and non-corrosive

Rubber Based Adhesive

Brake Shoe Bonding

Non Curing Butyl Mastic Putty and Tape

Anaerobic Adhesive
Anaerobic Adhesives are single component engineering adhesives that harden only in the absence of air. This property makes it an ideal product for use in engineering industries. Our product range includes Thread locker, Bearing Retainer, Liquid Gasket, Pipe Sealing and Micro encapsulated Pre coating Systems. They find application in nuts, bolts, studs and threaded screws.

Thread Locker

Bearing Retainer

Pipe Sealing Sealant

Liquid Gasket Sealants

Microencapsulated Precoating Systems

Cyanoacrylates Adhesives
Cyanoacrylates Adhesives are single component fast curing products that bond in the presence of atmospheric moisture. We offer premium quality Cyanoacrylates Adhesives with excellent adhesion properties. It is oil, chemical  and fuel resistant. Cyanoacrylates are used for instant bonding applications. They are used to make instant O-rings using endless neoprene cords of required diameter. They are also used for fixing name plates, wire tagging and electronic component bonding.


Polyurethane Adhesive
Anabond Polyurethane Adhesive are single or two component moisture curing systems that set to form rubber like material of various properties.These are polyurethane silane encapped sealant suitable for construction and automobile applications. It is based on polyurethane prepolymer, which is encapped with amino silane. It is free off free isocyanate content. It is environmental friendly polymer. It has better Paintability than silicone sealants.

Polyurethane Adhesive

Polyurethane 2 Component Systems

Industrial Lubricants

Anabond manufactures premium greases and Industrial Lubricants of the IXL range and silicone hi-temperature greases for all Industrial applications. Anabond IXLPremium Grease Performs Better- Our premium grease performs better under high heat and high pressure than lower quality greases. This means better protection for equipment, such as grease bearings. Anabond IXL Premium Grease Lasts Longer- Our premium grease lasts longer because it performs better and does not break down, wash out or melt easily. Inexpensive grease is not cheap- Customers save initial money on lower-price greases, but lose more money long-term because their equipment fails earlier and because they have to grease more often, which increases labor and material costs. Anabond also manufactures quality silicone greases that with stand very high temperatures for specific applications.

Silicone Grease

Industrial Cleaners
Anabond manufactures fine quality Industrial Cleaners and degreasing agents which can be used for different cleaning and preparatory applications. Use of Anabond Industrial cleaners with Anabond adhesives and sealants ensures better adhesion. Our product range includes Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaner, Electrical Contact Cleaner, Releez, Bio-Green and Multipurpose Spray.

Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaner


Multipurpose Spray

Releez Cleaner

Electrical Contact Cleaner

Polysulphide  Anabond  Tuffshield is a premium grade two part sealant based on Liquid Polysulphide Rubber. They are used for sealing expansion joints where large movement are anticipated in concrete constructions. They also come in handy while sealing joints of dissimilar materials like glass, aluminium, steel cladding, glazing, tiling, tanks and water retaining structures. They are highly used in sealing high traffic areas like airports (Runways), bridges etc. Tuffshield exhibits excellent weathering characteristics, with excellent resistance to moisture, snow, heat and Ultra violet light. It cures fast with minimal shrinkage. They are available in self-leveling pourable grade as well as gunnable Non-sag grades depending on the application.

Industrial Polysulphide Sealant

Acrylic Sealant
Acrylic Sealant from Anabond is used mostly in the construction industry. It is a fast drying adhesive compound offering a superior holding strength with good flexibility in the application area. They are single component sealants which exhibit superior weathering properties and are used to seal gaps in construction before painting.

Acrylic Sealant

Sennel Polyimides

SENNELTM polyimide is an advanced polymer in various forms from Anabond, available in standard sizes. Due to its high thermal stability SENNELTM polyimide  can be used up to 260ºC for continuous operation and short time exposure upto 400ºC where other plastics fail. High mechanical strength and wear resistance make SENNELTM polyimide in a film form suitable for continuous flexing cycles. It’s good radiation resistance makes it a flexible insulation material in atomic reactors. SENNEL TM polyimide have very high dielectric strength (more than 100 KV/mm) between -200 to 300ºC. The high chemical inertness of SENNEL TM makes it suitable for  use with many organic solvents, fuels and oils.

Sennel Polyimide Plastic

Sennel Polymide Films

Rubber Based Non Curing

Anabond Rubber Based - Non Curing are non-curing butyl rubber based product containing anti oxidant additive to prevent oxidative degradation of the product during storage. This product has very good adhesion over aluminium, steel, carbon phenolic, carbon-epoxy substrates. Being resistant towards water, this product prevents the entry of the water through the joints. This product does not develop any crack or lose its bonding properties, when exposed to out door weathering conditions such as sunlight, rain etc. These products are widely used in the construction and automotive Industry. 

Butyl Mastic Tapes

Butyl Mastic Putty

Anti-Seize Compounds
Anti-Seize Compounds are metallic products that prevent seizure of closely mated parts under high temperature. Like metals mated under high pressure and temperature and long time contact seize, making it difficult to dismantle during service. Anabond Anti seiz compounds provide a dis-similar metal interface and ensures that the parts can be disassembled during service. Typical application includes Exhaust manifold fasteners, high temperature valve threads, heating oven bolts etc. Anabond offers 2 products in this category for 975°C and 1200°C.

Anti-Seize Compound

Anti Seize Lubricants

Epoxy Adhesive

Anabond manufactures single and two-component high performance epoxy compounds. This adhesive system is specially formulated using bis – EPI type epoxy resin filled with inorganic fillers. In two part system, the resin and hardener are mixed, it cures to produce a completely cross linked net work, which has excellent resistance to water, oils, industrial solvents. The single component grades are heat curing epoxy adhesive system. This adhesive system is formulated using bis EPI type epoxy resin, a latent hardener & inorganic fillers. This system upon curing provides a tough three-dimensional network, which is resistant towards industrial oils and solvents. Being an elevated temperature curing system, it also retains adhesive bonding strength reasonably well at elevated temperatures. The cured system is toughened in nature and hence it can withstand impact loads and thermal shocks. This adhesive gets cured without liberating any by-products and hence the shrinkage is negligible.

Epoxy Single Component

Epoxy Two Component


Anabond manufactures specialty Coatings for the consumer electronics, automotive and the general industries. The range includes specialty decorative coatings like metal finish, clear and colored acrylic, stoving paints, epoxy paint, 2 component PU paints, uv curing paints and related thinners. They can be used on metallic and plastic surfaces.

Polyurethane Coating- Two Component

Acrylic Coatings

UV Base Coat


Innovative Speciality Products
Anabond established in 1979 has been in the forefront of innovation. From products in rockets to road construction, space to marine application innovation has been the key word. Based upon specific requirements of customers Anabond has developed innovative products like ENGAL- The Nano silver antibacterial agent, Bio Ceramic- The clean air generator, to name a few. These products were developed purely on academic interest more than commercial considerations.

Nano Silver

Anabond Bio Ceramic